The INSIGHT Connect Mobile App is Simple, Flexible and Capable

Posted on March 7, 2019 at 4:34 pm

The INSIGHT Connect Mobile App is Simple, Flexible and Capable 

The new INSIGHT Connect Mobile App enhances the simplicity and flexibility of Ingersoll Rand® QX Series cordless assembly tools. Instead of being tethered to a desktop to program tools, operators can stay productive, and mobile, on the plant floor and use the app to set and edit fastening settings on all QX Series tools.



  • Straightforward handling, programming and troubleshooting
  • User friendly, intuitive software – experts not required


  • Accessible on any phone or tablet with offline capabilities
  • Quickly program torque and angle control configurations
  • Easily add tools to any existing or expanding manufacturing line with cloning feature
  • Back up all settings of a tool and retrieve cycle data for analysis with the app’s Back-up & Restore feature


  • Set up and edit one tightening configuration stored in a tool’s memory
  • Replaces old, technical ICS software with cordless capabilities
  • Integrates with Ingersoll Rand QXC, QXM, QXN and QXX series

The INSIGHT Connect app is free to download now in the Google Play™ store. Visit the INSIGHT Connect app page for updates:  Watch for continued enhancements and features in future releases.