Ingersoll Rand QX Ergonomic Tightening System and Yokota YS-e Transducerized Pulse Tools

Posted on February 19, 2019 at 8:25 pm

Ingersoll Rand® QX Series™ Ergonomic Tightening System and Yokota YS-e Transducerized Pulse Tools Reduce Torque Reaction in Assembly Operations

Today, Ingersoll Rand® introduces a new suite of cordless reduced reaction solutions for assembly processes in manufacturing. Reducing torque reaction in the fastening process doesn’t have to be complicated. The tools reduce the torque reaction operators experience during fastening to protect them from potential short- or long-term injury, while maintaining sacrificing accuracy and traceability.

The QX Series™ Ergonomic Tightening System (ETS) utilizes an ergonomically-enhanced motor control algorithm minimizes the average force experienced by the operator, protecting workers from injury. ETS delivers short pulses of energy into the fastener during tightening, so the operator safely retains control of the tool. ETS is available on the QX Series™ cordless fastening tools in pistol and right angle configurations that range from 1.6 to 80 Newton meters of torque. In addition to direct drive mode, the three single-parameter ETS modes:

  • Mode 1 – Ergonomic: ideal for applications on hard joints or ones that require difficult arm, wrist or tool angles.
  • Mode 2 – Performance: maintains the highest level of repeatability. This mode works well for numerous all-purpose fastening applications.
  • Mode 3 – Productivity: ideal for applications on soft joints or those that require high production rates.

The Ingersoll Rand® QX Series™ ETS is available now. For more information, visit

The Yokota YS-e Cordless Transducerized Pulse Tools offer truly reactionless technology for applications requiring traceability and productivity. Leveraging a hydraulic pulse mechanism, the torque reaction is eliminated during the fastening process.  Manufacturers no longer need to sacrifice productivity in order to maintain control – the Yokota pulse tools are as productive as an impact tool, with the repeatability of a click wrench.

Yokota pulse tools come in a pistol configuration that range from 7 to 60 Newton meters. Tools can support up to four unique programs, and quantitative data collection helps manufacturers garner insights about productivity and quality.

The Yokota YS-e Pulse Tools will be available via Ingersoll Rand® starting in March 2019.