Ingersoll Rand® Air Balancers Provide Operator Comfort and Control

Posted on April 24, 2018 at 2:29 pm

Ingersoll Rand® air balancers help reduce operator fatigue and injuries with reliable vertical lifting and superior load control. Air balancers give customers the ability to balance several different loads with one unit and minimal adjustment.


  • A smooth, shock-free positioning helps prevent vibration and jolting on the operator’s hands
  • Easy-to-use control settings optimize the time needed to start up production
  • Manual lifting is eliminated, removing the strain of the lift off of the operator.


  • Multiple control options are available to suit specific lifting needs
  • High duty cycle rating built for repeated vertical lifting
  • Precise, strain-free positioning — The float leaves both hands free to move the load with little to no resistance, eliminating “hoist control” hit-and-miss spotting


  • Clean, oil-free operation — The pre-lubricated design eliminates air line lubrication and oil mist exhaust, ideal for food processing and other clean manufacturing environments
  • Built-in overload protection – The lifted load is designed to not exceed the unit’s maximum rated capacity
  • Minimal cable recoil due to loss of load – If the load is accidentally lost, a centrifugal brake (Z brake) will automatically stop rapid upward cable travel

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